August 24, 2019


            We had good weather through the middle of July.  Since then we had extremely hot and dry weather, but last night we were surprised with a nice 2.75-inch rain.  This will add quality to the late season crops.  The early season and midseason apples are not available because of a lack of quantity and quality.  We will have only Goldrush and Pink Lady apples for harvest this season.

            Here is the schedule for our Pick-Your-Own Harvest:

  • Saturday October 12th            9AM-1PM           Goldrush Apples
  • Saturday October 26th         9AM-1PM           Pink Lady Apples

            Times to pick are short due to my estimate of harvest quantity and quality.  This is not a banner year in either category.  However, you can get out and enjoy apple picking.

            Check the Mason County Chamber of Commerce website for unique sights to visit while in this area such as the Llano River, the Bat Cave, Mason County Blue Topaz (the State Stone), and the history of Robert E. Lee at Fort Mason.

            I look forward to seeing you in the orchard.


                        Johnny Applesmith